Deluxe Room
Number Of Rooms: 6
Price for Two Person/Room : 6000 INR 3000 INR
Max Occupancy:
Free Breakfast, Air Conditioner, T.V., Wifi, Hot & Code Shower, Room Service, Study table, Tee/Coffee Maker.
Super Deluxe
Number Of Rooms: 4
Price for Two Person/Room : 9999 INR 5000 INR
Max Occupancy:
Fully Air Conditioner, T.V., Wifi, Hot & Cold Shower, Room Service, Welcome Drink, Free Breakfast, Tee/Coffee Maker, separate setting area.
Standard Room
Number Of Rooms: 8
Price for Two Person/Room : 5000 INR 2500 INR
Max Occupancy:
Air Conditioner, T.V., Wifi, attach bathroom, Hot & Cold Water, Room Service.